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Inspiring Leadership

Last July, the Founder and President of Alamo Solutions LLC, Juan Verde, was invited to talk to the American Express team in Spain by Helpers Speakers and Lecturers to discuss leadership and his experience in the US political arena and later in the private sector.

Juan addressed, through a personal story, the keys to success in leadership, which is one of the most important areas of work for Alamo Solutions LLC. Here, we help companies find their space in the globalized world, and without leadership, this turns into a very complicated task with a small success ratio. That is why Juan puts such a big effort into explaining this trait.

He tells how he worked for Hilary Clinton, Al Gore, and Barack Obama (with whom he obtained a position in the administration as Deputy Secretary of Commerce for Europe), and thanks to a prominent career in which he has spent more than 30 years of experience living in the United States and working in the government area, he is the right spokesperson to be talking about this issues. He was able to summarize what are, for him, the keys to success in leadership in three fundamental features.

The three qualities that stand out in the leaders that you have most admired throughout your career are: taking risks without fear of failure; feeling passionate about what you do; giving back to society some of what it has given you.

Thanks to these keys, and the leaders who inspire them, Juan Verde has reinvented himself throughout his professional life and has managed to become one of the great references in sustainability, strategy, and innovation. At Alamo Solutions LLC he has become a referent on the field by sharing his knowledge and alongside the company’s team, has been able to bring projects to light and companies to the next level.

One of his final reflections is the need to be grateful in order to be happy. In his own words "The more you give, the more you receive". At Alamo Solutions LLC, this is one of the fundamental pillars on which the activity we carry out is understood. Transforming the world we live in into a more sustainable one, where successful leadership is essential to understanding how to achieve that transformation.

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