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Happy Holiday's from the Alamo Solutions team

Season's greetings from the very merry team at Alamo Solutions! We hope you and your families are doing well despite the pandemic that has affected all of our lives.

The year 2020 has been marked by the Covid-19, on the one side, and Joe Biden's victory to become the 46th president of the United States, on the other, the pandemic and its paradigm shift have brought about major changes: the new workplace (remote work and turning on your video during meetings is here to stay), international relations (multilateral cooperation and decarbonization is the way forward), the importance of public health and the urgency to tackle the climate crisis needs increasing action on all levels.

The scientific milestone that is the distribution of the vaccine against Covid-19 is encouraging and a hope that the end of the pandemic is almost in sight. As we seek cures for planetary illnesses, the team at Alamo Solutions is determined to continue playing a role in renewing our fractured relationship with the planet.

We have taken a couple of lessons from the pandemic that we have incorporated into our ways of doing business: we have to anticipate and be prepared for major disruptive events - we must reflect on what we can learn from the Covid-19 crisis in the face of the crises to come. This is specially relevant with the evolving crisis that is climate change. We will work hand in hand with private organizations and the public sector to tackle the priority for sustainable businesses and economies: taking action for adaptation and mitigation of climate change.

For all its challenges and transformations these global events will accompany us in 2021. We understand we will see major disruptive events in the years to come, which will be increasingly frequent and extreme. Alamo Solutions will stand right by your side as you search for innovative and effective ways to adapt to the impacts caused by the different challenges facing the world – from those related to health to digital privacy to the climate crisis and the strong decarbonization plans. We would like to thank our superb clients and our magnificent partners of 2020 for their support during the year and also during the coming year. We are very grateful to have teams and individuals like you in our lives. Wishing you all the joys of the season and happiness throughout the coming year.

Happy Holiday's,

The Alamo Solutions team

Photo by: Tj Holowaychuk


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