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Are You Looking to 'Find Your Story'?

As an ad-hoc team that supports our partners with the heavy lifting of their operations, at Alamo Solutions we deliver a variety of tailored services for our clients across the board. We do this by swiftly adapting to our partners' needs and objectives, conducting a deep dive into the business plan and models, financial assumptions, and the challenges and opportunities our clients may face. We become a part of your own team. Within this framework, we understand the need of communicating your business clearly and concisely and make this a top priority in the work we carry out.

Alamo Solutions specializes in supporting high-growth potential companies that seek to better our planet through profitable business models and innovative ideas. We put into practice the need for businesses today: to generate revenue while solving or improving the various social and environmental challenges faced by our global community. As a boutique strategic business consulting firm, we bring all hands on deck when working alongside our clients and integrate seamlessly into your team.


The need that companies have to present and communicate their business through inspiring narratives is at the forefront of our operations. At Alamo Solutions we understand that the day-to-day of any organization is complex, with many moving pieces, deadlines, and other needs, making it difficult to view things with perspective. Storytelling is the basis from which businesses develop relationships with stakeholders - investors, employees, customers, suppliers, society, and the environment - in today’s global economy. It's about finding what makes you unique, identifying your value proposition, and integrating all those elements in a narrative that is succinct and attractive to the eyes of the stakeholders within your ecosystem.

To tell the right story about your business and its role in society is to convey a narrative that resonates and lasts. In order to ensure our clients’ business growth through clear communication, and with a coherent voice, we offer a customized service that is at the center of every client's intangible assets - reputation, communication, and brand - called 'Find Your Story'. The rollout is led by our brand story consultant, giving our clients a newfound confidence in their own powerful stories.

Case Study

In today's business environment marked by great competition, unique value propositions, and a demanding user or consumer, harnessing your story is imperative for success. Our main goal with our 'Find Your Story' service is to create a narrative from your mission, vision, and goals. In addition, you will showcase your team’s strengths and highlight what makes you stand out from your competitors. We believe that at its essence this story tells your business and your employee's personal experiences. In a growing digital and virtual world, we aim to humanize your narrative, placing the forging of emotional connections at the center of your communication strategy.

The Client

A great example of what we can do can be found on a client who came to us seeking to expand their business and raise capital. It was a growth-stage startup with a proven product/service in the market, trying to scale, with strong traction of their innovative solution. This client had already set out ambitious business plans: internationalize, establish new business lines, and ultimately grow commercially. In order to do so, it was important to present the business in the most succinct way. Specifically, it was important to show what was working for the company: how the product/service was innovative and solved a market problem, how it was tested, and the way the client was growing within its niche. We delivered our consulting service, prioritizing the most complete narrative and working on the storytelling with the objective of reaching the goals they had established.

Steps taken

Broadly speaking, we don’t want to give the secret recipe away, but before starting the real work we like to take the time to actually listen to the client, and then we prepare to take several outlined steps that are defined in a methodological way. To kick-start the relationship, we defined collaboratively with our client the project plan with the goals, deliverables, and deadlines.

With that laid out, we deep dive into the client’s business, objectives and needs, and research how its differentiators in their market segment and niche area can be best integrated into the narrative. We ensure that the story flows and that your business story highlights what your interlocutor is expecting from you.

In different dynamic working sessions, we review and make suggestions on your decks to make sure that you’re communicating the right story. This is applied to the pitch deck as well as the commercial or investor deck, along the client’s side we shaped the story making sure that the slides not only illustrate the story but adds value as well.

We look at the human perspective. We are committed to working with companies that are committed to social and environmental progress, these humanized stories come from the heart. The objective is simple: to build brand recognition and increase the value of your business plan, product, and/or service.

No matter at what stage you are at, sector or industry you focus on, or what your business model is, we will take into account all the core components of your company to ensure successful projects, deadlines, and KPIs are met on a daily basis.


After the steps we took to address this client's needs, the reason why they came to us, we delivered the following outcomes:

  • A cohesive and coherent narrative that is applied across channels and units, both internally and externally. By bringing a fresh pair of eyes, we deliver a holistic and transversal approach to the story our client wishes to tell.

  • As we translate the business goals into meaningful conversations with stakeholders, we assure investment opportunities and new businesses in different markets globally, as well as capital and financing for the businesses that the client develops or wishes to develop, follows.

  • A narrative that suits the client's business, stage, objectives, value proposition - we share with you the best framing and communication methods that will deliver results in the short and long term.

  • We look at our partner from an external and global point of view - finding strengths and weaknesses. We’ll provide feedback and suggestions on how to improve your decks and any other need with your story.

Lessons Learned

When conveying the purpose of your business, strategic decisions, financials or estimations, or the company culture, it's easy to lose track of what the underlying message is. We have seen this mistake repeated countless times in companies of all sizes.

This is the reason why we focus on aligning the organization with its key stakeholders to embrace a unified vision. We believe that first impressions matter and the story you tell about yourself is the most important one - you’re defining your business and letting your stakeholders know who you are, why you are here, what you are doing and who you are benefitting.

Agility is one of our drivers. We don’t tell the client how to do their job, instead, we adapt specifically to your operations and to the objectives you have laid out. As a result, we guarantee a tailored process whether you want to work on defining your narrative to launch a startup funding round, or if you are looking for new partners as you expand into new markets, or if you are seeking to grow your presence in existing ones.

Ultimately, client success comes when the narrative delivers the results they were looking for when they decided to embark on this journey with us, whether that is translating their business goals into meaningful conversations with stakeholders, assuring investment opportunities and new businesses in different markets globally, or securing capital and financing for their businesses endeavor.

At Alamo Solutions we have the secret to create and develop stories to share. Many of our clients can attest to the success of this service. They are proof that we can create shared value, generate economic incentives while simultaneously addressing societal needs, and communicate them in a human and approachable way.

Photo by Bethany Legg

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